A More Secure User

9 09 2009

Windows has been called many names and many of them not so great.  Part of the reason Mac OS X and Linux are said to be more secure is because by default, they put you in a restricted user account for everyday work.  You could do this in Windows as well, and you will see it is much more secure this way.

Windows users tend to run their accounts in administrator mode, meaning they have full access to everything.  This makes it easier to do work at first, until you get into trouble by a virus installing itself or some other unwanted piece of software being installed.  Then you need to clean out your system and run anti-virus and anti-spyware along with other tools to help you remove unwanted software.  If you were running in regular user mode, like in Mac OS and Linux, then there is a less likely chance of this happening.

To run as a regular user, you just have to remove your account from the local PC’s Windows Administrators group.  Once removed, you will not be able to install many applications nor run many system related software such as chkdsk or defrag. You might even find it to be a bit awkward at first, since you are used to running things without hindrance in windows.

We recommend most Windows users do this, this cuts down on virus or spyware installing itself, since your account does not have the privilege to run such software.  To install or run system related software, it is easy enough to use the command line runas /user:administrator command.  This one little line can save you many hours of fraustration caused by a virus infection.

We hope this post has convinced you to use your computer in a safer manner and to save you and your company money and time.  If you would like to know more or would like help making your computers more secure, you can contact us at Pixel Perfect Group LLC, or check the Contact page above.



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