Importance Of Your Website TITLE Tags

23 08 2009

Your web site’s TITLE tags is one of the most important things to do right, and I’ll tell you why.

You don’t need to be familiar with HTML to understand what the TITLE tag is used for in a web page.  It contains the text that gets displayed in your browser’s title bar.

Something you may not know is how important the TITLE tags are to a search engine.  Search engines may consider that the TITLE tag indicates the subject matter of your web page, and it will rate the contents according to the TITLE.  So the more accurate and relevant your TITLE tag, the better search results you will get.

Most search engines use the site’s TITLE tag as the link and main title of the site’s listing on the search results page.

Here are some problems your TITLE tag may have:

  • Lack of a TITLE tag.  Not having a title tag is like a book without the cover.  You don’t know what the web page is about, neither will the search engine.
  • TITLE tag is not at the top of your web page.  If you don’t see the title tags near the top of your web page then it’s in the wrong place.  It should be located right after the HEAD tag.  Having the TITLE tag lower in your page, or near the bottom of your page is too much work for a search engine to do.  The search engine may just skip the page.  So it’s  bad for your site.
  • Two sets of TITLE tags.  Rarely seen, but if for some reason you end up with two sets of TITLE tags, due to sloppy editing by a designer or webmaster, only your first set of TITLE tags may get read.  The best solution is to remove the extra one and leave the HTML code clean.
  • Poor choice of TITLE tag keywords.  Choosing the wrong key words in your TITLE tag is like picking up a book with the wrong cover.  It’s confusing to the audience, both your customers and the search engines.

Remember, the TITLE tag should be right below the HEAD tag and should contain accurate keywords that define what the page is about.  You should have around 40 to 60 characters between the TITLE tags.  Anything less is wasting valuable space.  Repeating a keyword will make it more search engine friendly, just don’t overdo the repeats or it will get skipped altogether.



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25 08 2009
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